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Our Technologies

It's important to understand technology as the tool that is used by the Specialist Orthodontist instead of a system that is merely assisted by the practitioner.

As with all areas of health care, technology is designed to improve the quality of treatment administered to the patient while simultaneously reducing the discomfort and inconvenience. It can also be said that the added technology aspect is pointless when the core issue isn't being addressed properly.

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Since the late 1980s, Dr. Crotty has been developing his understanding of orthodontic technologies, analysing its uses and combining his own experience in diagnosis and treatment with the additional benefits of those modern technologies. He has been involved in the introduction of products like SureSmile, being the first Specialist Orthodontist in Ireland to provide the system and the second in all of Western Europe. As time has progressed, D.r Crotty has stayed at the forefront of introducing technologies, even lecturing on the topic in the early 1990s.

But, although he is a firm believer of the benefits of technology, Dr. Crotty very much appreciates the importance of the human touch. Modern technology will never replace the value of a warm smile or a caring voice. His staff is chosen with this in mind and each member of the team is encouraged to understand the person sitting in the chair, and has the knowledge and qualifications that enable them to provide care and advice.

Dr. Crotty