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Our promise


At Crotty Orthodontics we strive to find the balance between human input and technological benefit. Our promise to our patients is that we will always provide the best quality care that keeps our patients' welfare in mind while supplying them with the best results.

With every patient we help, our practice grows a little bit more, taking on the experience and feedback from their treatment. We want to keep an open line of communication with all our patients so that they are confident and excited about the treatment they are receiving.

Every treatment is overseen by our Specialist Orthodontist who uses his 25+ years of experience to guide the treatment plans in the right direction.

Our treatments


Feel at home with us

We go to every effort to make sure you feel as comfortable as possible with us. When you come into either of our clinics, you don't just get the benefit of our top quality service, but you get to enjoy the warm and comforting environment we've built for our patients. Simple things like free parking and Wi-Fi available for you are the little things that make a big impact overall.

Our promise

We work around your schedule

Finding the time to make a visit to the clinic can be difficult when lives get busy. If you're a hard-working parent organising your child’s schedule - or looking for free time for your own consultations - we can help. We offer flexible appointment times to work around you and find a time that suits us both.

And if you've already had your first consultation and you're due for a check-up, our virtual consultation may be just the answer you’ve been looking for. It is a safe, confidential way to discuss any updates and your results with our Orthodontic team from the comfort of your home.

Our promise