Orthodontic treatments for teenagers

The teenage years are the perfect time to straighten your smile. A lot of our teen patients are worried that treatment will affect their look or routine, but modern technology has made straightening your smile incredibly convenient and discreet.

Reasons to seek orthodontic treatment

There are plenty of great reasons to straighten your smile with us. A straight smile is easier to clean, which means less change of tooth decay and gum disease. Straight teeth also help with speaking, chewing and digestion, not to mention aesthetics!

If you choose treatment with Crotty Orthodontics, you’re in good hands. Our practice:

  • Offers discreet treatment alternatives for teens
  • Is one of the top providers of Invisalign® for teens in Ireland
  • Has flexible monthly payment options
  • Uses digital scanning for comfort & precision
  • Provides 100% customised patient care
Reasons to seek orthodontic treatment

Our teenage treatment options at Crotty Orthodontics

Dr Crotty and his team have worked with thousands of teenagers to help them find the perfect solution for their smile. Here are some of the cutting-edge treatment options we offer for teens at our practice.

Clear aligners - We offer not just one, but THREE clear aligner treatment options for our teenage patients. Spark aligners, SureSmile aligners, and Invisalign® treatment for teens.

Fixed braces - Sometimes the traditional method is best! Our fixed braces are smaller, sleeker and more efficient than ever before, and can be used to treat even the most complex issues.

Hidden braces - Want braces without the train tracks? You’re in luck! Hidden braces are fixed to the back of your teeth, so no one will see them when you smile.

Our teenage treatment options at Crotty Orthodontics

Straighten your smile with confidence

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Straighten your smile with confidence

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