Orthodontic treatments for adults

It's never too late to transform your smile! Thanks to advancements in technology, treatment is more comfortable, discreet and convenient than ever for our adult patients.

Adult orthodontic treatment options

At Crotty Orthodontics, we offer a range of discreet treatments for adults, including:

Invisalign® treatment - Invisalign® treatment shapes your smile without any metal or wires. Instead, it uses custom, clear aligners to straighten your teeth. At Crotty Orthodontics, we are Diamond Invisalign® Providers, making us a leading practice in the nation.

Spark aligners - There is nothing more clear than Spark aligners. These completely transparent aligners can straighten your smile in absolute secrecy.

SureSmile - The incredible accuracy of the SureSmile system can straighten your smile in record time. With both aligners and discreet SureSmile QT braces available, this system has an option for everyone.

Dental Monitoring - If you choose aligner treatment with us, we can pair your treatment with the Dental Monitoring app, which allows you to check in with our team at any time without needing to come to our practice.

Metal braces - A reliable and trusted option, traditional fixed braces are a solution that helps you get the bright and fresh smile you're looking for.

Hidden braces - Hidden braces, also called lingual braces, are fixed to the back of your teeth instead of the front. This allows you to gain all the benefits of tried-and-true braces - without any of the visibility.

Adult orthodontic treatment options

Protect the health of your smile

While you can straighten your smile at any age, there’s one thing that can hold you back - your oral health. If you have cavities or gum or bone loss, your treatment options may be limited. As such, it's important to be fully up to date with your dental care before starting treatment with us.

The best way to establish which options will be available to you is through a consultation with our Specialist Orthodontist, Dr Crotty. He has decades of experience shaping adult smiles, and will be able to determine the best path to take to enhance your smile.

Protect the health of your smile

Achieve the smile you’ve always wanted

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Achieve the smile you’ve always wanted

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