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Crotty Orthodontics, with two convenient locations across Cork, responds to the SmileDirectClub closure with a promise of continued, uninterrupted care for patients. As the leading Specialist Orthodontists in the areas, we're committed to guiding you smoothly through your orthodontic journey, ensuring you achieve your dream smile with the highest standard of care.

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As specialists, we do care. Book your free consultation to learn more about transitioning your treatment to us.

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Why Crotty Orthodontics for Your Continued Aligner Treatment

Dedicated Specialist Expertise and Personal Care

Dedicated Specialist Expertise and Personal Care

Our team at Crotty Orthodontics brings unmatched specialist knowledge combined with a personal approach to care, ensuring each patient receives a customised treatment journey. We're dedicated to excellence in orthodontic care, focusing on your unique path to a perfect smile.

Advanced Technology for Enhanced Comfort

Advanced Technology for Enhanced Comfort

Utilising forefront orthodontic technologies, we provide an effective, comfortable treatment experience. Our adoption of remote treatment options like Dental Monitoring caters to your convenience, offering flexibility without compromising on quality.

Exclusive Transition Offers

Exclusive Transition Offers

Recognising the disruption caused by SDC’s changes, Crotty Orthodontics extends special discounts to all transitioning SDC patients. With transparent, upfront pricing and custom-tailored treatment plans, we ensure accessible, top-tier orthodontic care without hidden expenses.


Embarking on Your Renewed Aligner Journey with Crotty Orthodontics

Complimentary Consultation at Our Cork Practices

Complimentary Consultation at Our Cork Practices

Begin anew with a no-cost initial consultation. Employing the latest in diagnostic technology, we’ll assess your current treatment status and outline a bespoke treatment plan designed to meet your specific needs.

Tailored Treatment Plans

Tailored Treatment Plans

Leveraging your prior orthodontic experiences, we develop a strategy focused on achieving your future orthodontic goals. Offering special pricing for ex-SDC patients and flexible financing, Crotty Orthodontics ensures premium orthodontic care is within reach.

Ongoing Support and Care

Consistent Support with Maximum Convenience

We prioritise your treatment success and convenience, significantly reducing the need for in-person visits through our innovative Dental Monitoring system. This approach ensures your treatment progresses efficiently with the flexibility you require.

Your Transition to Crotty Orthodontics: FAQs

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What technology is used at Crotty Orthodontics?

How often will I need to visit your practice?

What's the expected duration of my treatment after switching?

Can I use my SDC treatment records at Crotty Orthodontics?

Is getting a second opinion possible at Crotty Orthodontics?

Move Forward with Your Smile Journey at Crotty Orthodontics

Move Forward with Your Smile Journey at Crotty Orthodontics

Ready to advance your smile journey? Schedule your complimentary assessment with Crotty Orthodontics today. With two locations in Cork, we're dedicated to providing expert care and personalised attention, ensuring a smooth transition for your aligner treatment.

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