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Orthodontic treatments designed for children and teens

Have you noticed that your child has started to develop a dental issue that could require correcting? Because children grow so quickly, the sooner you can have a dental problem inspected by an orthodontist, the better. In fact, Dr. Crotty often recommends that children receive their first orthodontic screening at the age of 8.

Getting ahead of the growth of your child's permanent teeth can not only help to predict how they grow out, but it can help to reduce the overall treatment time spent in braces. Dr. Crotty can use the scanning technology available to him to get a full 3D architecture of all the teeth, allowing him to assess the issue and predict any problems that are developing below the surface.

Early treatment

Act early with Invisalign® for teens

Being a teenager can sometimes be difficult, and confidence is hard to come by and at a time when it's needed most. Braces can not only cause a teenager to be self-conscious, but it can prevent them from taking part in activities such as playing instruments or contact sports. Invisalign® for teens allows your teenager to benefit from orthodontic care while being able to enjoy all the opportunities available to them in their youth.

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Early treatment