Achieve your future smile faster with SureSmile


We know how daunting having braces for several months can be, that is why we use accelerate orthodontics. Dr Crotty uses the SureSmile programme which is a technology that dictates the teeth's best way of moving thus reducing the treatment time. Less treatment time means fewer appointments and that your new dazzling smile is only a little while away! Not only will your treatment be shorter, thanks to the advanced technology and the robots sculpting the wires, it will also be as precise as can be!

Feel confident in your commitment to orthodontic treatment with SureSmile, utilising state of the art technology to achieve stunning results in little time.


SureSmile - more than just invisible aligners

The SureSmile solution provides Dr. Crotty with an advanced array of diagnostic tools designed specifically to provide the best information about the malocclusion available. Having a better understanding of what is wrong allows Dr. Crotty a better opportunity to plan for the repair. With a better plan put in place, the results can be achieved quicker with fewer visits to the clinic for checkups.

Having the best tools on his side, Dr. Crotty is able to provide the most accurate solution and result. A shorter treatment plan means more time enjoying your smile unrestricted from braces, and allows you to return to your normal oral hygiene routine quicker. SureSmile also offers a SureSmile QT option for those that would rather keep their orthodontic care on the "QT", providing lingual braces to give you a hidden brace solution.

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