Clear aligners to create your beautiful smile. Do you want the most advanced & cosmetic orthodontic treatment? Dr. Crotty recently attended the first Congress of the European Aligner Society. Since Orthodontics developed as a specialty almost 100 years ago, there have been arguments about whether “train tracks” or “retainers” should be used. “Train tracks” ( or fixed braces ) are more effective but “retainers” ( or removable braces) are more cosmetic. The digital revolution has changed the world for all of us, and it is also bringing huge benefits in Orthodontics – and can help you to achieve that beautiful smile. This Congress demonstrated how the old barriers are being broken down, with hybrid treatment facilitating better treatment results over a shorter period while using more cosmetic braces. Our patients have benefited from this hybrid approach to treatment over the last 4 years ago, using combinations of Invisalign, SureSmile, hidden braces, cosmetic braces, clear aligners etc. Now is the time for you to take advantages of this futuristic orthodontic treatment.