Today, there is an alternative to metal braces. Parents now have the option of treating their Teenagers with clear braces called Invisalign Teen. It’s a more discreet alternative to regular braces, and it’s suitable for the vast majority of teenagers.

Invisalign for Teens

Invisalign has a proven track record with adults, and now Invisalign Teen is boosting the confidence of teenagers by giving them a beautiful new smile.

This version of Invisalign for teenagers used by Your Smile Specialists uses clear, bespoke plastic aligners to slowly move teeth into their correct position.

How is Invisalign different?

  1. The aligners are see through and almost invisible
  2. They are made from plastic
  3. They can be easily removed, but should be worn for 20 hours a day
  4. You get a new set of aligners every 1-2 weeks

In terms of treatment, Invisalign Teen in the hands of a skilled orthodontist can be used to treat the following smile problems:

  1. Crooked teeth
  2. Poorly spaced teeth
  3. Overcrowded teeth
  4. Overbite
  5. Underbite
  6. Crossbite

Five reasons to choose Invisalign Teen

  1. No sharp bits of metal irritating your child’s mouth
  2. No need for special gum shields for sports, just wear your regular one.
  3. No embarrassing metal braces in your mouth!
  4. No problem with cleaning your teeth, just clean as per normal
  5. No breakages.


At Crotty Orthodontics,, the cost of Invisalign Teen treatment is about the same as treatment with traditional metal braces.

Treatment costs vary by the patient, but at Crotty Orthodontics we provide flexible payment terms, interest free credit and low deposit options.

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How to Choose the Right Orthodontist

For the best results, selecting an experienced Orthodontist can make all the difference.
Dr Crotty  is an expert in Invisalign and all types of orthodontic treatment. He is the number one orthodontist delivering Invisalign Teen in Ireland. He will always talk to you about all of your options. He will evaluate your specific issues on your initial consultation. Creating beautiful smiles no matter how challenging is what we do!

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