Many patients are referred to an orthodontist by their family dentist because of issues with their bite. We instinctively know a good smile but what does an ideal bite really look like? The best way to describe a healthy bite it is by looking at it from three different views.

Front on
The front view is what you’ll see first when you look in the mirror.
The edges of the upper front teeth should run parallel the top of the lower lip.

If the upper teeth are too long, you’ll show too much gum tissue when you smile. It makes you look gummy.
If they’re too short, you won’t show enough tooth and that makes you look old.

When you bite your teeth together:
If the upper teeth cover too much of the lower teeth, we call this a deep bite. If the upper teeth do not overlap the lower ones enough, we call this an open bite.

If upper and lower teeth cross over each other were call this cross-bite.
The upper midline should line up with the middle of the upper lip. The lower midline should line up with the top one.

The bottom teeth
Many patients examine their lower teeth, looking down at them with a mirror.

When you look at teeth like this you should notice that the teeth follow a flowing curve with no overlapping or spacing.

Side view
The pointed ends of the top teeth should fit perfectly between two teeth in the bottom. The backs of the upper front teeth should rest in gentle contact with the fronts of the lower ones. Essentially, your bite should “close”.
If your front upper teeth stick out past your lower teeth, this is called an overbite.  If your front upper teeth are behind your lower teeth, the is called an underbite.

At Crotty Orthodontics,  when we evaluate a bite, we look at the patient from all angles. When we create your smile, we want to make sure you look as natural as possible when you smile.
It’s important that we give you a smile for life, a beautiful smile, good biting function and stable teeth.

We look to assess:

  • Are the teeth too long or too short?
  • Do they follow the lines of your lips?
  • Is the bite open, too deep, or too short etc?
  • Is there a good midline?
  • Is there good bite function?
  • Any jaw issues now or potentially in the future?
  • Do the teeth come together properly when you bite or chew?
  • Is the smile beautiful?
  • Does the smile compliment the rest of the face?

If the answer to any of these is no, then we can help you. At Your Smile Specialist, we understand that you want a smile that will last you a lifetime. You need to trust your orthodontist and want to make sure he or she is fully trained and qualified to specialist level.
You can trust us with yours and your loved one’s smile. We’re here to get you smiling with confidence again.

How to Choose the Right Orthodontist

If you have crooked teeth and would like to discuss your treatment options you should consult with a specialist orthodontist

For the best results, selecting an experienced Orthodontist can make all the difference.

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